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Welcome to TREE-POD®

The Tree-Pod is a wonderful multi-use comfortable laptop stand made of the bio-based material Treeplast®.

This Tree-Pod is what you’ll need when you work with your laptop in an office. The Tree-Pod is a modular product and adjustable for the best ergonomic work position. Just use three or more Tree-Pod parts and make your personal Tree-Pod with six positions for your laptop and tablet.

For your laptop or notebook
In the low position, it’ll act as a screen riser and brings your laptop screen in a normal viewing position. You could benefit from a wireless keyboard if you are typing a lot with your laptop, but it is also possible to use your laptop keyboard.

In the next two positions the laptop screen will even be higher and can be used for presentations or you can work with an extra keyboard. The top position rises your laptop to the max and will be the ideal position for presentations.

Take your Tree-Pod with you, you can take the Tree-Pod apart in pieces or rearrange the Tree-Pod to fit into your laptop case.

For your tablet or telephone
The Tree-Pod can also be used for your (mini) tablet, telephone or notebook! Just release the three parts and rearrange the Tree-Pod in low or high position for your tablet. You can work with your keyboard and have an excellent ergonomic position, or you can do your presentation so everyone can enjoy it!

You can use your Tree-Pod when you watch video tutorials in your kitchen, in the garden or at your office. Make your presentations, video or pictures available for everyone without holding your tablet.

The Tree-Pod is designed to fit any laptop and tablet, but for the heavy laptops you could also go for four parts. The Tree-Pod material is all natural and the design is optimized for the material and the function.

Use of the Tree-Pod
The Tree-Pod is tested for normal use (120N minimal force) and will hold your device perfectly. To change the angle of the Tree-Pod, release the parts gently (too much force will break the connecting part). Once rearranged the Tree-Pod can be used with normal force .Fixed positions for optimal ergonomic use! Three positions per use will give you the optimal viewing angle and the position will not change and you don't have to fix anything.

The Tree-Pod is standard available in:
- natural
- brown
- black

The Tree-Pod is made from renewable materials, also known as bio-plastic. The basic ingredient of our Tree-Pod is wood (cellulose, lignite is derived from trees) and the Tree-Pod contains no plastic. Not to be confused with WoodPlastic Composite (WPC) which contains oil-based plastics (PE, PP). 
Biodegradable: will degrade in specific conditions. The Tree-Pod is not biodegradable, it can be used outdoors and can be treated like wood. It can be recycled in new products, but also be burned after use as wood.

- modular universal ergonomic laptop and tablet stand
- compatible with most laptops and all tablets in landscape and portrait view
- expandable for extremely heavy laptop with extra legs
- high quality, bio-based Treeplast® material and colors
- slim modular sized for convenient transportation
- perfect cooling position of your laptop



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laptop with tree-pod
Basic Laptop riser is ideal for working on your desktop. Presentations show off fine in a higher position.

Tree-Pod1 Just rearrange the Tree-Pod results in a nice stand for your Tablet.

Tree-Pod 4

Books, telephones, or? Use four legs for your heavy laptop.

Tree-Pod is also been distributed by R-Go-Tools


Products are made of 100% bio-based materials.

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